About Joe Titone Attorney

1403615900_Joe TitoneA graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Joe Titone is an experienced criminal defense and personal injury attorney based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He began his legal career as a Bronx County Assistant District Attorney. In that capacity, he dedicated three years to criminal law. He then moved to Florida and spent one year working as a public defender before going into private practice. Over a span of 10 years Joe Titone won 80 percent of his cases.

In 1982, Mr. Titone began his political career in the position of Florida State Representative for Northwest Broward County. He helped to restructure the state’s judicial candidacy laws. He served for three terms, eventually returning to private practice. Today, he serves clients in Palm Beach, Broward County, and elsewhere in Florida where he represents large and small family businesses and their family members in all kinds of legal matters.

Away from the office, Mr. Titone enjoys baseball. He particularly enjoys watching Yankees games. He is also enthusiastic about reading biographies and autobiographies. Furthermore, he likes to travel in the United States and Canada. His interests extend to pro bono work.


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